Barcode Verifiers: Inline or Desktop?

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Which is better, inline or desktop verifiers? Have inline verifiers made desktop verifiers irrelevant. This article examines the benefits and shortcomings of both types of barcode verifiers.

Inline Advantages

Inline barcode verifiers deliver a lot. Not having a person dedicated to verification is a considerable efficient use of both labor and monetary resources. In addition, inline verification is arguably 100% verification; theoretically, no bad barcodes can escape. Considerable intangible losses caused by loss of customer confidence and future business are avoided.

Inline Realities

Inline barcode verifiers are an impressive technology but in some ways, they over-promise and under-perform. Consider some real-world circumstances:

  • Your inline system has not found any bad barcodes in thousands of impressions, but your customer has reported problems. What actually constitutes a bad barcode? Who is correct? Does it really matter when a customer is on the line?
  • Inline verifiers are not ISO/IEC compliant. How can you counter a bad barcode claim? Without ISO/IEC credibility, where is your defense?
  • Inline verifiers produce massive data files. Are you really going to search the archives?
  • Is your inline barcode verifier accurate? How can you tell?
  • Inline verifiers are calibrated how? How often recalibrated? By whom? At what cost?

Belief vs Truth

A “set it and forget it” mentality often accompanies automatic systems. This mentality is not favorable to quality systems. Change is a constant. The quality of the barcode is not the only variable. The verifier will also change.

An inline barcode verifier is massively efficient when everything works properly. However, if there is a problem, where is the barcode specialist to sort it? How long will that take while the press is offline?

Inline verifiers are dedicated to a printing line. Every print line must have its own verifier system. Each installation is expensive. While it is true that barcode verifiers pay for themselves, cost, time and actual protection determine the payoff.

Desktop Advantages

Desktop barcode verifiers are a meaningful, effective and cost-efficient solution. Even those tethered to wall current can travel to where needed with an inexpensive cart and portable power solution. Most desktop verifiers are ISO/IEC compliant and come with a signed, dated certificate of conformance. The relatively low cost of a desktop verifier can justify have one at each print line. Here the payoff is simple and quick.

Either or Both

How to calibrate an inline verifier? Emulate the results of a compliant desktop verifier. Inline barcode verifiers are indeed fast but desktop verifiers are agile. There is  a difference.

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