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  • “Barcode Test helped us to mark our unique devices with compliant Code 128 and Data Matrix codes.”

    –a Premier Medical Device Contract Manufacturer
  • “Barcode-Test is my go-to site for information on the subject.  It has provided me with great in-depth explanations of the details that go into a barcode, as well as in-depth explanations of interpreting the reports from my verifier.  Even if there is a specific topic or issue I am having, not covered by the site, I can reach out to experts there for more information.  I just wish I found this site long before I wasted a lot of project time troubleshooting with my supplier!”

    Medical Supply and Equipment Company
  • In this day and age it’s difficult to find the level of service and integrity found when dealing  with Barcode Test. John we truly appreciate the expertise and enlightenment you have brought to rectifying our barcode issues.  I would highly recommend your services.”

    Global Lighting Manufacturer
  • “Barcode Test really helped me out…” We had a mysterious problem with a barcode that just wouldn’t scan. No time to send actual labels so we emailed a PDF and they figured it out. Worth every penny—we’ll use these guys again.

    New England based medical device company
  • "Perfect. Thanks for the quick turnaround and your expertise. We look forward to partnering with Barcode-Test for a long time.”

    Irvine, California medical device manufacturer
  • "Barcode-Test provided excellent customer service going above and beyond to give us quick results and help trouble-shoot our Data Matrix barcode. The pricing is incredible and makes it possible for a small company to test 2D barcodes. We will be using Barcode-Test in the future for all of our testing needs.”

    Medical device manufacturer
  • “We were looking to receive additional technical training in barcode knowledge and technology that we could apply in both our customer service and production departments. Barcode-Test and John Nachtrieb exceeded our expectations with the assistance and training they’ve provided. John was able to help us work through challenging jobs and provide us with a better understanding of multiple styles of barcodes, along with how to properly scan and read a report. We are pleased to say Barcode-Test is a great resource for everything barcodes!”

    a major Midwest label printer
  • “We were having a situation with our barcodes at our customer. Not having dealt with this issue prior, we needed an expert to assist with the situation. John Nactrieb of Barcode-Test came to our facility to grade our barcodes, but also assisted in troubleshooting and offered solutions to solve the issue. We are not Barcode experts, but John’s knowledge and assistance was invaluable. “

    Automotive Parts Supplier
  • Your EBook addresses a significant need in the verification market. It explains in detail the pitfalls as well as do’s and don’ts of barcode quality verification. This is why we at Axicon are proud to cooperate in the publication of this excellent work. We always thrive to Get It Right. Well done, John.”

    Paul Bergé – Axicon
  • “It is challenging to create a document (New e-book) for the non-technical person and keep his interest in a very detailed topic. Simplicity and readability are often in conflict with accuracy and rigor. I offer my compliments to John Nachtrieb on the extent to which this booklet achieves these tradeoffs. I admire his effort.” 

    Dr. David Allais
  • "I have worked with John on several projects. We found John to be very knowledgeable and a person we could count on when needed. When the need arises we will not hesitate to use him and his company in the future.”

    Optimum Card Solutions
  • “The UPC verifier we got from you did all you said it would do and technical support was timely and effective.”

    a major Atlanta packaging company
  • “For years we have relied upon John’s detailed knowledge of barcodes…all shapes, sizes and formats…to help us design our verification process for our fifty plus VersamarkTM inkjet heads that produce millions of variable barcodes a year. He has an innate understanding of barcodes, their uses, even to potential problems that is a valuable resource from selecting and providing vrification hardware to educational seminars for internal staff.”

    Segerdahl Group
  • “John provided us extrememly value added informatiuon tailored to our specific needs. No other courses or resources could have provided us the targeted knowledged we gained. Enlisting John’s services quickly enabled us to operate more efficiently and better serve our customers in the global marketplace.”

    ConvaTec USA
  • “If you are in need of equipment to verify your bar code or QR code or you need information on any code, John Nachtrieb is the source you can rely on. When you are producing labels that are used in major retail outlets across the country you cannot afford to print a bad code. John’s knowledge and the addition of the new Axicon 6525-S keeps us on target.”

    Master Impressions, Inc.
  • “I cannot speak highly enough of working with John at barcode-test.com.  He was very responsive and really helpful in helping me identify in what areas are barcoding needed to improve.  Our test results were sent back to us within one day of sending over the product to be tested and he gave very useful insight into all of our results.  I plan on using John for all of our future testing needs.”

  • "When we were looking for a new solution to verify thequality of barcodes we print on coupons, John was very helpful in helping usfind the perfect solution to fit our needs.”

    Nestlé Purina Print Services
  • “The verifier I got from you did all you said it would and technical support was timely and effective.”

    A major packaging company in Atlanta, GA
  • “Barcode-Test provided us extremely value added informationtailored to our specific needs.  No other courses or resources could have providedus the targeted knowledge that we gained.  Enlisting Barcode-Test’s services quickly enabled usto operate more efficiently and better serve our customers in the globalmarketplace. “


Barcode verifiers vs barcode scanners

Barcode Testing

If you design, provide pre-press services, print barcodes or are a brand owner using barcodes, a poorly performing barcode is a liability. The only way to manage that risk is to test your barcodes.

Using an independent barcode test lab has many advantages. We have a range of barcode verifiers. We can test almost any type of barcode. If you are not ready to invest in a verifier, we can help. But companies who own barcode verifiers also find us useful, for independent confirmation of their verifiers.

An independent barcode tester can be helpful in problem solving. We interpret the verification reports data to help you understand what to do, to improve your barcode quality. What do you do when the offending ISO parameter is “Decodability”, or “Modulation”? We can explain it and recommend a solution matched to your printing process.

Planning to purchase a barcode verifier? We can generate reports from different types of verifiers to help you decide what is best for you. You can also request a quote: we sell the brand we trust and use.

  • Spot Checks
  • Batch Testing
  • Barcode Processes Review
  • Barcode Procedures Review

When you need to have barcodes tested, we understand that it is urgent. Please notify us when sending samples for testing, and provide tracking information. This helps us respond promptly, usually within hours of receiving your barcodes. Your barcodes are handled carefully; your confidentiality it protected.

We send you a verification report for every sample you send. If there are quality issues, we make specific recommendations for how to improve your barcodes. Your samples are returned at your request, securely archived or destroyed based on your directions.

Contact us to arrange for barcode testing:

Barcode Verifier Training

Now that you have purchased a barcode verifier, the next step is to make the most of your investment.  We can help with barcode verifier training, starting from the basics of installing the software, configuring and calibrating the device and verifying your first barcode. If you haven’t yet purchased a verifier, we can help you establish which one is the best one for your particular requirements—whether or not you decide to purchase from us.

Verifiers, whether for 1D barcodes like UPC and Code 128, or for 2D for symbols like Data Matrix and QR Code, test and grade in accordance with an ISO Specification. The ISO Specification grades symbols based on its reflective and other key characteristics called parameters. These are not familiar to many print reproduction people, and it can be challenging to figure out how to adjust the print process based on the verification test report. Whatever print method you use–thermal, ink jet, litho, flexo or direct part mark–we can help.

We can help you install and configure your verifier to do what you purchased it to do—control your barcode-related risk and protect your trading partner relationships. Our verifier training helps users to understand and apply the information in the verification report to resolve problems and predict problems before they become—problems.


Barcode quality is more important today than ever before. And it will be increasingly important in the future. In the early days of retail scanning, a bad barcode was an inconvenience. Today a bad barcode can be a major liability.

Barcode quality includes the quality of the printed barcode image and the integrity of the encoded data in the barcode. You cannot rely on a barcode scanner to manage barcode quality risk. An ISO-compliant verifier is a must.

Barcode-Test offers barcode quality training programs designed to respond to your specific needs

Barcode Training

BASIC TRAINING is an introduction to barcodes (1D and 2D) and an overview of why barcode quality is important. This is a great place to start for a new hire in a graphics design or printing company. This program establishes a sense of purpose and importance in a job that deals with barcodes.

BASIC PLUS is a deeper look into the barcode quality specifications for 1D and/or 2D symbologies including Traditional and ANSI/ISO. Companies that deal with a broad spectrum of barcode types will find this relevant and valuable. Attendees will often have specific problems to discuss and may bring barcode samples to be verified and explained.

ADVANCED deals with the two aspects of barcode quality: print quality and data integrity. Newer 1D and 2D symbologies provide much higher levels of data capacity which has made them a useful tool in product safety and supply chain security. But the data must be presented correctly. This is redefining barcode quality which historically dealt only with the quality of the printed barcode image. This program will be of interest to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries as well as their contract manufacturing partners who are utilizing barcodes for security purposes.

ADVANCED PLUS is for companies with specific barcode quality needs and concerns: brand owners and contract manufacturers who need a deeper understanding of a single or limited set of barcode types and uses which support their business, their business partnerships and their supply chain. Often this includes a module about a specific Industry Application such as GS1 Healthcare, HIBCC, AIAG, MIL STD 130N, etc.

Our training programs are customized and conversational which makes them relevant, interesting and immediately applicable to attendees in their real jobs.  We don’t waste your valuable time teaching you what you already know or don’t need to know.


Policies & Procedures

It is important to communicate your expectations for barcode quality to your employees, and it is just as important to communicate it to your vendors and suppliers. Risk and liability due to bad barcodes does not go away if you rely on vendors to design or print your barcodes or to mark your incoming inventory. Referencing supplier quality, a sage person once said “You get what you enforce.” But if you haven’t told your suppliers what you expect, what is there to enforce? A barcode quality policy statement and document is how you let them know—in writing.

We can write your policy statement and procedures document quickly and comprehensively. You can merge it into the employee handbook, the corporate quality document or add it as an addendum. If you are an ISO compliant company, it is undoubtedly a requirement. Let us help.

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