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Not all barcode verifiers are the same, and the Axicon S range is both proof and prime example. It is so different and so much better than other 1D barcode verifiers, it is really a class of its own. The S range does what no other verifiers do and that not only makes it easier for the user, but it produces a significantly better report.

First the basics. As mentioned above, these are 1D only. They cannot test and grade 2D symbols such as Datamatrix and QR Code.  Like all Axicon verifiers, the S range are contact devices–you place the verifier in direct contact with the barcode. This does limit the size of the barcode the verifier can read and grade—but there is an important reason.

Non-essential light must be eliminated

The briefest possible explanation is that scanning (and therefore verification) works by detecting reflective differences in the barcode. It is of paramount importance the light and dark reflectance values be measured accurately, and to do that, the influence of extraneous light must be eliminated. Axicon’s solution is to position the verifier directly on the barcode.

Because the verifier cannot be moved in or out to adjust for shorter or longer barcodes, Axicon offers three versions of the S range.

Axicon 6025-S


    • 2.6” maximum scan width (including quiet zones)
    • Ideal for GTIN12 and 13 and other smaller barcodes
    • Automatic aperture range from 3mil to 20 mil


Axicon 6525-S


    • 4.9” maximum width (including quiet zones)
    • Ideal for Code 128 and other medium size barcodes
    • Automatic aperture range from 5 mil to 20 mil
    • Optional mount for thermal printer

Axicon 7025-S


    • 7.6” maximum scan width (including quiet zones)
    • Ideal for GTIN14 and other very large barcodes
    • Automatic aperture range from 8 mil to 20 mil
    • Optional mount for thermal printer



These models and sizes reflect the scan widths and aperture ranges of the blue color “classic” Axicon verifiers that produce a single verification report with a push of the scan button. The recommended ten scan average is done by moving the verifier slightly, down the height of the barcode, taking 10 individual scans which the software is set to average into a final report. This is where the S range differs because it has a continuous scan mode.

A single push of the scan button with an S range verifier launches a scan sequence; the operator moves the verifier down (or up) through the entire height of the barcode.

The verifier captures up to 100 scans per second. The S range verifier tests and grades the full height of the barcode in a fraction of a second—hence a quicker, more complete and more accurate verification report.

Universal Mount

The 6525-S and 7025-S adapt to inline verification. The optional mount adjusts to virtually any thermal printer, and if the printer has an available I/O port, the verifier can pause the printer if a bad barcode or a no-ready is detected. The software can write verification reports to a csv file for a complete record of printer output.

The S range also makes verification of multi-row Databar symbols quick and easy. The user swipes the verifier down (or up) through all the rows and the software automatically stitches them all together and produces the verification report.

The continuous scanning capability is also very helpful when verifying extremely small barcodes, such as jewelry tags. “Finding” the barcode with an S range verifier is quick and simple. Position the verifier somewhere in proximity to the barcode, press the scan button and “wipe” the barcode through its field of view. The verifier will find and grade the barcode in one quick, simple sweep.

Other notable features of the S range:

  • No batteries! The S range communicates and takes power from its USB host
  • Portability is available with free Axicon Android software*
  • Costs very little more than the classic range
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Renewable annual maintenance contract available
  • Free software updates always available at
  • ISO compliant device comes with signed, dated Certificate of Compliance
  • Annual re-certification of ISO Compliance available at nominal cost

If you need a solid, friendly, reliable 1D barcode verifier, this is the one to consider. It is different in important ways that make it better.




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