Better than a Barcode Verifier?

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A rhetorical question, to be sure.

Having no verifier at all is the worst possible thing, since it means having no tools in your risk management toolbox. However, there is something better than having a verifier—it is having a verifier everywhere one is needed. This is the irony—and the dilemma—of having a barcode verifier at the quality station in the middle of the production floor. Most of you can easily imagine a busy printing operation. Quality reminders are everywhere: posters in the hallways, signs in the break room, glossy testimonials in the lobby.

Worst: No Verifier

The verifier on the quality desk shares space with the color checker, inspection loupes, paper from the nearby copier, random press sheets and labels left by previous visitors. The mess is one thing. The inconvenience is another. The ten minute walk through the maze of workers and presses, then waiting in line to use the verifier, finding it under the mess on the desk is another. Are you the only one having second thoughts about, “…how important is this really?”

A verifier at every press would be great but it’s expensive We have an alternative. Ditch the desk and get a verifier that travels. Not a totally original idea, you say? True—but we got it right. There have been portable verifiers before. However in one case the “portable” was real and the “verifier” was fake. Remember the Quick Check? Easy—but meaningless. It was portable but it really wasn’t a verifier. Then there was the Rover: a real portable, real verifier but too small x3: field of view too small, read-out too small, battery life too small.

Better: A Verifier on the Quality Desk

When you know the problem, you know how to fix it. Axicon and Barcode Test have done just that. Enter the Axicon Android Verifier. Barcode Test has installed the Android software on a smartphone—and voila! A real verifier, a truly portable verifier. The phone unlocked and provided without SIM card, so it’s not really a phone—it’s a handheld computer. It is a total solution for your Axicon linear verifier. We provide the smartphone with the Android software pre-loaded, and the cable to connect your Axicon verifier.

Best: A Portable Verifier

The Barcode Test Android Verifier is an available option with a new Axicon linear verifier, or as an after-market accessory for the Axicon linear verifier you already own. Now your verifier can travel with you. Don’t take your barcodes to the verifier—take the verifier to the barcodes—anywhere.

Settings include auto-save verification reports. Saved verification reports easily transfer directly into the PC software with a simple USB connection. Print verification reports instantly, wirelessly to a Bluetooth printer.

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