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Axicon, the UK-based barcode verifier company, has an exciting display solution for their range of 1D verifiers. There aren’t a lot of companies manufacturing barcode verifiers. Axicon is one of an even smaller number who only produce verifiers. Acquisitions of two other verifier-only manufacturers has made companies like Axicon even more unique. This single focus may be the reason Axicon does what they do so well—they listen to users. You experience this in their very smart but amazingly user-friendly interface.

A Smart User Interface makes Barcode Verification Simple

The new Axicon 1D verifier solution is an Android version of the PC-based 1D software. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is really a game changer if if you need a portable 1D verifier. Up until now, you had only two options:

  • carry around your verifier tethered to a laptop computer—not a very portable situation
  • use the optional portable display.

The Axicon PV1000 portable display has enough processing power to support the verifier in a small handheld computer, using 4 hard-to-find 2700mAh AA batteries. Competitive brands have a similar solution, which is bulky, expensive and begging for an update.

Axicon Android Verifier brings portability to a new, modern level

The Axicon Android Verifier is software, available to download at the Google PlayStore. The user must provide the Android platform, which could be a smart phone or a tablet. We use the Axicon Android Verifier on a Best Buy Insignia brand 8” table we bought for less than $100. A micro USB-to-USB Type A (female) cable is also needed to connect the verifier’s USB cable to the device. Did we mention that the software download is free?

Axicon Android Verifier is Free!

All of the verification data can be viewed on the PV1000 but a lot of scrolling is required on the very small 2 line LCD screen. This is where the advantages of the Android platform really shine. The large display shows the entire verification report including each of the ISO parameters and the Scan Reflectance Profile. Color coding highlights problem areas with the barcode, directing the user’s eyes to the most important areas and making the report quick and easy to interpret.

Axicon Android Verifier: Modern, Easy and Intuitive

The new Axicon Android Verifier has achieved something none of their competitors has accomplished. They have created a barcode verifier that is complete, compliant, easy to use and incredibly inexpensive. It is only for 1D or linear barcodes and only interfaces with Axicon verifiers, but that is more of an advantage than a disadvantage, as Axicon 1D verifiers have the best warranty of any manufacturer—2 years. Unlike some other brands, Axicon verifiers have evolved steadily over their lengthening history, improving the user experience, updating the software in sync with ISO specification changes and adding industry-specific applications such as GS1 Healthcare and UDI.

Equally impressive is Axicon’s global presence, with distributors on every continent and support available 24/7 worldwide. Done right, barcode verification is all about making a highly technical, complicated risk management task quick and easy for the user to understand. Axicon has done it again.

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