Brave New World

 In Barcode Testing

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It seems like a whole new world out there, so much has changed, and quickly.  Pandemic, overwhelmed supply chains, international conflict, inflation–a perfect storm of uncertainty that has businesses wary and reluctant to invest. These are not times for the faint-of-heart.

These are times to revisit the basics, reconfirm that the bedrock truths still abide, the old mechanisms still work—and the old risks are still lurking.

Here are some of those truths:

  • Overwhelmed supply chains are still supply chains. Capacities will not increase quickly but product still must move, and preventing mistakes is more important than ever.
  • International conflict necessitates creative routing. A dynamic environment makes trace and track more difficult. Everything must work perfectly.
  • Inflation changes spending priorities, but life goes on. A wise, well-considered Plan B might be better than the Plan A of the recent past.

Barcodes are the connective tissue of every supply chain. Scanners, conveyors, and ERP systems demand and get proportionately more attention, but if the barcodes fail, the system fails. Barcode quality is more important than ever.

Inline barcode verifiers can prevent system failures, but at considerable cost.  Investment in a new system may be delayed for all the reasons stated above. Is there a viable Plan B?

Plan B—using a barcode quality and compliance testing and advisor service.

Plan B may be better Plan A for a variety of reasons:

  • The cost of barcode test services is a small fraction of the cost of a verifier, and a high-quality testing bureau will have a range of verifier types available, from high resolution verifiers for high density barcodes to Direct Part Mark verifiers
  • Quick response time: we provide verification reports and analysis within hours of receiving your barcode samples
  • No learning curve: you cannot avoid the learning curve, but we did that years ago. We haven’t “seen everything” but we’ve seen a lot, and that experience is immediately available. We’ve been testing barcodes for quality and compliance for over 40 years.
  • We explain ISO Standards results in plain English, so you know how to improve a low Modulation grade or sort a Decodability problem.
  • Follow-up testing confirms solutions and tracks success over time
  • Realistic pricing that fits your unique situation and your budget

Some of our clients have been with us for years, but many clients eventually acquire a verifier. We can help with that too. As a testing client, we’ve already matched your barcodes to the right device, and you are already familiar with the report format. We can recommend the right verifier and provide you with a great price.

Challenging times are not the right time to hunker down and wait it out. Everything is intensified: mistakes are magnified. But so is reliability built on solid quality. Plan B may be a significant improvement over Plan A: no risky investment, no learning curve, at a fraction of the price.

The Brave New World might be a great opportunity. Don’t miss it!

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