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There may be only one reason not to use a barcode testing service. More about that later.

Here are some good reasons to use a barcode testing service:

  1. Independence  A barcode testing service provides an un-biased snapshot of barcode quality. It is good to know that your barcodes are good, and even better to know if they are not. There is no stake in inaccurate testing.
  2. Experience Barcodes fail for different reasons. Sometimes the reason a barcode does not scan is not the barcode: it can be the laminate, or the substrate. Maybe the barcode is too close to text or graphics, or a fold. Experience zeros in on the actual problem without wasteful side trips.
  3. Expertise You know what you do (manufacture medical devices, formulate pharmaceuticals or produce consumer goods). We know barcodes. We have seen more barcodes than have (or want to). Do what you do best—leave the barcodes to us.


  4. Look and See A barcode specialist sees barcodes differently than you do. We see problems that do not look like problems to you. Apparent problems you see may not be a problem. Barcode experts know the difference. Do not waste resources chasing paper tigers. There are plenty of real ones out there.
  5. Responsive Barcode Test LLC ® generates and sends verification reports and a summary report within hours of receiving your barcode samples. Trial-and-error problem solving wastes your time and money.
  6. Learn Our testing service always includes a phone or online, screen-sharing conversation with your team.
  7. Benchmark A barcode testing service establishes a point in time when your barcodes performed in a particular way.
  8. Track A periodic check-in tracks performance, establishes a trajectory.
  9. Cost Effective How much does it cost when bad barcodes escape into the supply chain? It can vary from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars or more. That is just the tangible cost. What about the intangibles: loss of trading partner confidence, damaged reputation, possible loss of future business. A barcode testing service is comparatively inexpensive. A barcode testing service can sort out the important fixes from the minor tweaks. Only fix what is broken.
  10. Keep current Standards and specifications change. It is our job to keep current and protecting you from compliance problems caused by out-of-date graphics software.
Axicon 15200

Axicon 15500 1D/2D Barcode Verifier

What about the one reason not to use a barcode testing service? If you own a verifier, why would you need a testing service? The answer may surprise you. Many of our testing clients do own verifiers.

They use us for annual check-ups, to confirm (or refute) that their verifiers are accurate.

Barcode Test LLC also provides barcode verifier calibration and re-certification service.

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