Order Fulfillment: A System or a Tool?

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The engineers have taken over. In order fulfillment, the current focus is on systems. They speak in acronyms. Here are just a few:

  • WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management System)
  • SCV (Supply Chain Visibility System)
  • LSP (Logistics Service Provider)
  • 3PL (Third-Party Logistics Provider)

Nothing against engineers—I am one of them. I like my colleagues, and I believe that order picking, packaging and shipping accuracy are essential to supply chain integrity and healthy trading partner relationships.

But what if you don’t really need a system? What if a simple tool is what you need? You ship from the backroom in your retail space. Or maybe you have a warehouse but an inline order verification function is too complicated or expensive. Maybe you just want a simple tool. We have an app for that!

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Barcode Match™ might be just what you are looking for. It has a range of modes and plays nice with your existing workflow. It installs on a range of devices:

–a sled device with an integrated Android smart phone and a scanner

–a handheld portable data terminal

–a hands-free glove or ring-mounted scanner

–or any Bluetooth™ scanner.

It is compatible with a growing number of brand name PDT’s such as Cognex™ and Honeywell™.

In its most basic form, Barcode Match™ is an Android application. A 15-day trial (full) version is available here.

Barcode Match™ is a powerful, intuitive app with four modes of operation.

Learn more by viewing the video here.

The fastest and most direct way to grow your business may be to solidify the relationships you have with existing customers. Do not let shipping mistakes be the only occasion on which they really notice you. Be the solid, reliable vendor they want and need.

Eliminating shipping mistakes is a lot easier, less expensive and quite possibly more important than you think.


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