Barcode Match: Another Form of Barcode Quality

 In Barcode Match

Barcode match is also called validation. It is an important variation of barcode quality and has many forms. Barcode match in packaging lines ensures that correct items are going in the carton or pallet. This is the final quality control step in shipment accuracy. Barcode match confirms the right medical device or pharmaceutical items are included in the shipment. And it enhances shipment security. No orphans, no omissions in the package, from shipment, in transit to destination. Orphans and omissions signal an possible adulterated package. Was the shipment infiltrated? Is there a shipper error? Barcode match eliminates errors and helps detect shipment tampering.

Confirming the right item in the right quantity is an important aspect of security: an extra inclusion could be counterfeit. A missing item signals a theft.

Barcode Match has Many Forms

Barcode match can be done n several ways: handheld PDT-based scanners, pre-packaged standalone systems with fixed mount scanners and integrations for high speed conveyor lines. Most interesting are the many ways in which it can be used. Packaging is the most common, simplest function. Here are some of other uses:

  • Order picking mixed shipments
  • Components kitting for an assembly
  • Parts picking for manufacturing lines
  • Matching shipments to inventory replenishment database
  • Price lookup at a retailer
  • Price comparison
  • Co-packaging

Barcode Match has Many Uses

The co-packaging application was a recent discovery. The company is a repackager of candy products. Barcode match ensures that a customer’s production run did not contain peanuts.Packaging Line

Barcode match integrates into automated systems. It can be a tool to assist a worker in a manual operation. In both applications, the logic is the same:

  • Barcode A matches the barcode B: the light stack shows GREEN and the item proceeds down the conveyor.
  • Barcode A does not match barcode B. The light stack shows RED and a deflector arm shunts the item into a rework area. Buzzer or strobe alerts activate.

Misreads or no barcode present activate other controls.

Like barcode technology itself, barcode match has many usages.  Do you have a use-case for barcode match?


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