Barcode matching makes order picking, kitting, fulfillment and shipping more accurate. By matching the barcodes on the order or pick list to what’s being packaged, errors are eliminated.

Incorrect fulfillment weakens the supply chain. Wrong shipments could be the result of fraudulent interception—or shipper mistakes.

Wrong shipments disappoint trading partners, causing manufacturing interruptions, sales shortages and lost revenue. Barcode matching prevents shipment mistakes, strengthens trading partner relationships and trust.

Code Match Android app

Order picking and packaging is an error-prone activity. If technology is involved at all, usually a heavy, expensive and theft-inviting Portable Data Terminal (PDT) is used. Barcode Match is a new Android-based alternative. Light, inexpensive Android smartphones—even the users own phone—can be used.

Barcode Match is full-featured, reading 1D and 2D barcodes, with 4 operating modes to ensure accurate order picking and packaging. Barcode Match “learns” the barcodes on order items, then validates each item that goes into the order or package.

Barcode Match is more powerful than more expensive PDT’s, but costs less than $30 per copy.

Barcode Match eliminates loss and theft by using the worker’s own Android device.

Download Barcode Match 24/7 at Google Play.

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