Barcode matching makes order picking, kitting, fulfillment and shipping more accurate. By matching the barcodes on the order or pick list to what’s being packaged, errors are eliminated.

Incorrect fulfillment weakens the supply chain. Wrong shipments could be the result of fraudulent interception—or shipper mistakes.

Wrong shipments disappoint trading partners, causing manufacturing interruptions, sales shortages and lost revenue. Barcode matching prevents shipment mistakes, strengthens trading partner relationships and trust.

Code Match Android app

Order picking and packaging is an error-prone activity. If technology is involved at all, usually a heavy, expensive and theft-inviting Portable Data Terminal (PDT) is used. Barcode Match is a new Android-based alternative. Light, inexpensive Android smartphones—even the users own phone—can be used.

Barcode Match is full-featured, reading 1D and 2D barcodes, with 4 operating modes to ensure accurate order picking and packaging. Barcode Match “learns” the barcodes on order items, then validates each item that goes into the order or package.

Barcode Match is more powerful than more expensive PDT’s, but costs less than $30 per copy.

Barcode Match eliminates loss and theft by using the worker’s own Android device.

Download Barcode Match 24/7 at Google Play.

Cognex MX-1000 Barcode match

The Cognex MX-1000 is an integration of an industrial-class scanner with an Android smartphone, functioning as the computing platform and host for our Barcode Match app.


The Cognex MX-1000 mobile terminal has many significant features.

  • It provides a ruggedized enclosure for industrial applications
  • Fast, aggressive capture of 1D, 2D and DPM symbologies
  • Modular, future-proof design accepts many smartphone platforms
  • Optional pistol grip doubles battery life of the scanner and computer
  • Optional wireless charging station: full charge in less than 6 hours
  • The MX-1000 comes with the Barcode Match app pre-loaded.

Barcode match Analyzer

The Bar Code Analyzer allows you to decode and view the exact content of virtually any 1D or 2D symbol, including FNC shifts, AI’s and hidden characters.


View and validate the data structure of virtually any 1D or 2D symbology—make sure the barcode contains the right content in the specified sequence with the precise functional and application prefixes. If the data isn’t presented correctly, print accuracy is meaningless. This is a completely portable device. The data is displayed on the generous display. Unit comes with Lion battery, carrying strap, charging and communication cable to transfer the collected information to your PC. 1D version and 1D/2D versions are available.

Bar Code Comparison Checker

The Bar Code Comparison Checker allows you to compare two barcodes — 1D or 2D — and make sure they are an exact match. This is essential for packaging lines or shipping areas where everything in the carton, package or pallet must be the same.


Two modes of operation make this a powerful, flexible tool. Mode 1 Continuous Comparison lets you “teach” the unit the master code and compare every scan after than and signal a match or mismatch. Mode 2 Erase After Compare clears the master data after one scan so you are ready to “teach” it the next master. This is a completely portable device. The data is displayed on the generous display. Unit comes with Lion battery, carrying strap, charging and communication cable to transfer the collected information to your PC. 1D version and 1D/2D versions are available.

BHT 1306

The Denso 1306 Handy Terminal range features a 2.4” color display, slightly larger than the black/white display on the BHT-900 series. The entry model has batch communications with a 1D scanner. All models have a user-accessible microSD card slot. Power options include compact or standard Lithium Ion battery pack or user-provided AAAx3 batteries. Code match software is pre-loaded. 3 year manufacturer warranty (with registration).

Denso BHT-1500 Hand-Held Barcode Terminal

The BHT-1500 is the lightest in class portable data terminal (PDT) and yet boasts unparalleled ruggedness, withstanding repeated drops to concrete from 6.5 feet. And it is reliable even when accidents happen: if the batteries are accidentally disconnected, the flash file system retains input data and the recent transaction function automatically restores.

This little powerhouse has the largest in class 2.0 inch color LCD screen. It uses conventional AAA batteries (up to 85 hours of run time) and comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Koamtac KDC200

The KDC200 is a remarkably small, 1.37” x 2.44” x .59” 1D barcode scanner—weighing it at a mere 1.2oz. But it is a powerful little package. It does barcode matching as a self-contained device but it also has Bluetooth so the data can be instantly conveyed to a nearby BT recipient, such as your smartphone or tablet. It come with free KTSync software, which includes database lookup and inventory management capabilities.

The standard device includes a removable, protective rubberized skin, a retractable lanyard tether, and a USB cable for communications and recharging. An optional glove mount with a finger trigger makes the KDC200 even better than hands free—you wear it on the back of your hand so it is always right there with you but have full use of both hands. Brilliant.

The KDC200 comes with a 1 year factory warranty.

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