What Do You Really Want in a Barcode Verifier?

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What do you really want in a barcode verifier?

A simple question

A simple question without a simple answer. At very least you want a grade, preferably an authoritative grade, one that will predict with confidence that your barcode will work. You want to avoid chargebacks and the deep well of ramifications they cause—not all of them financial.

I believe that you want a lot more than just that in a barcode verifier. Recently I ran across an article in written by a kindred spirit living and working in India. The article appears in the October 18 issue of The Packman, an Indian packaging magazine. I have never met him but we could be brothers. The author, Arun Kumar, is the Business Manager at Sandilyam Automation Systems in the state of Bangalore. He and I share a passion about barcode quality.

Meet Arun Kumar—and the Axicon network

Arun Kumar of SANDILYAM

Although Mr. Kumar does not specifically address the issue of ‘what you want in a barcode verifier,’ he, and his company are a good example of it. Sandilyam Automation is the Axicon affiliate in India, and there are many others. Bruno Rolland is Axicon France. William Van Benthum is Axicon Netherlands. Axicon has offices in major cities on every continent. That alone is a good reason to trust them, but it runs much deeper. It can make a difference no matter where you are located.

Verifier users are often not barcode quality experts. They are operations managers, press operators, quality control technicians, and small business owners who wear all of these hats. When they have problems, they need answers. Now. That is where a worldwide network of barcode experts can make a big difference. Axicon’s global network is there to support virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime. It begins with contacting the Axicon home office in the UK.


What do you really want in a barcode verifier? You want confidence. Part of that confidence comes from a company that is 40 years old and specializes in barcode verification. Confidence comes from a company that does not build or sell scanners, printers, cash drawers and point-of-sale displays. Axicon makes verifiers.


Olav Ahrens Rotne on Unsplash

The corporate structure of the manufacturer is not on the mind of most verifier users, or those looking to buy one. But it is an important consideration. The factory warranty is not the same thing as the sales and support channel.  Coincidentally, Axicon’s 2 year warranty on the entire range of verifiers is by far the best in the industry. But the key Axicon advantage is the channel. Axicon respects, nurtures and protects its sales channel.


The benefits of this to the user are not readily apparent until you need support. Then it makes a big difference. Has your verifier manufacturer or distributor has been absorbed into a larger company. Are you getting the responsive, knowledgeable, concerned help you once got? Do they care? Are you getting the answer that you need? Do they even call you back?


Are you ready for something better? Consider Axicon.

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