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For commercial printers, packaging companies and brand owners, you might think their worst nightmare would be a barcode that does not scan. A reasonable assumption—and wrong. When a scanner does not produce that reassuring “beep”, things fall apart rapidly. Blood pressure rises in the checkout queue; yelling voices, running feet in the deafening silence of a halted assembly line. Time-sensitive retail shipments side-lined on pallets in the distribution center. Just-in-time on hold, trading partners disappointed—or worse.

Question: What is worse than a barcode that does not scan?

Answer: A wrong barcode that does.

Conventional barcode verification measures and grades a symbol to a set of attributes for print quality. These attributes are the international standard. This is the globally-accepted method for predicting that a barcode will scan (or not) wherever it goes. Barcodes that achieve an ISO 1.5 or ANSI C grade are good. Case close? Not quite.

What if the barcode that scans perfectly is the wrong barcode? The package says “vanilla yogurt” but the barcode says “lime yogurt?” The package contains a $4500 laptop computer but the barcode looks up a $1500 laptop computer?”  With a conventional verifier, you will never know. So much for the reassuring “beep.”

How can a barcode be wrong?

It can be surprisingly simple.

  • On the package: mistakes in graphics design: inserting the wrong barcode into the FPO
  • In the scanner: super aggressive “we can scan anything” scanners are more prone to data substitution errors

ISO print quality is important. So is validation

Validation is also important and should be considered when looking for a barcode verifier.

If you already own an Axicon liner verifier, you already have validation capability! Have a look here.

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