The Many Advantages of Using a Barcode Testing Service

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Using a barcode testing service offers significant benefits to two groups: those who do not (yet) own a barcode verifier and those who do. The benefits for the former are obvious. Even those who have never suffered a barcode quality event have no idea how close they may have come. It could happen again. The consequences can be devastating. A barcode testing service can uncover vulnerabilities.

Don’t Own a Verifier?

Initial testing by a service establishes a benchmark. Periodic barcode testing helps fine tune and track long-term repeatability without the cost of a verifier and the training and expertise to operate it and interpret test results. You are immediately up to speed using a barcode testing service.

If your supply chain requires a range of barcode types and sizes, multiple verifiers are needed to test them. A testing service avoids that expense. Many of our testing clients eventually purchase a verifier. Having worked with us, they have the advantage of knowing what verifier to acquire. The reports we generated and provided are familiar. And they do not have to worry about where to get help they can trust.

Already Own a Barcode Verifier?

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Many of our clients own verifiers. Many are long-term connections. They come to us for a variety of reasons. Confirmation of the performance of their verifier from an independent third party is one rationale. Verification of an incompatible barcode is another. Sometimes, it is to diagnose a non-scanning barcode. Most often it is to help them understand the verification report, and how to adjust their printer to improve it.

Using a barcode verifier is not difficult, but it is probably unlike what you know and already do well. A testing service can quickly get you the information you need about your barcodes, how they are performing and how to improve them,  in plain English. No anxiety, no stress, no losing sleep over vague worries.

Beyond Verification

As a testing service, we share our knowledge and years of experience in several ways. We present barcode quality learning modules to corporate quality departments and individuals. These are highly customized to the company and the industry it serves. This makes our presentation interesting, relevant, and immediately applicable to attendees and their jobs.

Thoughtful planning helps us do what the client needs most. Sometimes it is all about verification. Sometimes it’s about problem-solving and prevention. Often clients want to learn about barcode technology generally and where it’s headed in the future.

We think the most important take-away is the trust we build with each other. We understand their business needs and they know whom to ask for help.

May we serve you?

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