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On August 22, 2019 Axicon released an update for its 1D barcode verifier software. This is important for those of you using Axicon verifiers. As soon as practicable, please go to; download and install version 2.2.6. It is a free download and as you may already know, it is unlicensed. And you can install it on as many PC’s as needed.

This is also important for those of you not using Axicon verifiers, or not using a barcode verifier at all. If you deal with barcodes in any way, you should have a barcode verifier.

If you provide, print or mark your products with barcodes, you have liability

That includes:

  • Graphics designers who include barcodes in their work
  • Barcode file providers
  • Contract packaging and printing companies
  • Anyone who relies on barcodes and requires that they work right
  • Brand owners who are ultimately liable when barcodes on their products do not work

Verifier software needs regular updates

Axicon’s software update is an alert for users of other brands of verifiers. When was the last time your verifier brand issued a software update? What was it for?

Verifiers operate in a changing environment. A software update is a sign of a healthy, responsive and user-concerned brand. Axicon releases an update several times a year. Here is a partial list of what is included in the August release:

  • Improvement to enable user selection of X dimensions
  • Improvement of explanations fir calibration error messages
  • Bug fix for product lookup (validation) plugin

Past updates have included an update to the ISO15416 standard for 1D barcode grading. New plugins add capabilities to all users’ verifiers. Microsoft and other software providers release updates all the time: it is a sign of responsiveness to users. Like other electronic devices, barcode verifiers operate in a dynamic environment. New barcode types and usages bring new requirements to verifiers. Axicon issues verifier software updates regularly, and they provide a complete list of improvements and repairs with each release. Users can always see what is changing and why.

How do you find out about verifier software updates?

Axicon 2D software automatically alerts users of a software update when they launch their software. If you are not an Axicon user, you must inquire with the your verifier manufacturer about software updates. Some brands require verifiers to be returned to the factory for updates. Unfortunately, some other brands cannot be updated.

If  you are planning to invest in new verifiers, consider these factors in your buying decision. A verifier is a significant investment. Practical and readily available software updates extend the lifespan and value of your investment.

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