2014 Automatic Identification Teacher’s Institute

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The 2014 Automatic Identification Teacher’s Institute convened at the University of Memphis. This great AIDC industry event recent relocated from its previous home at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

David Allais

David Allais

This year Barcode-Test co-presented a workshop on barcode verification. The large group of attendees included professors from engineering and technology departments from colleges and universities.  Representatives from the defense industry  and personnel from GS1 Poland, GS1 France and GS1 Global Office in Belgium also attended.

Corporate and trade association sponsorship offset the attendees’ expenses and made it possible for smaller colleges to participate. The event is planned and hosted by Dr. Kevin Berisso, PhD at the Herff College of Engineering, University of Memphis. The goal of the Auto ID lab is to promote the usage of all of the automatic identification technologies including bar coding, RFID, biometric and smart cards.

David Allais, Barcode Pioneer and Inventor

For presenters, it was a reunion of industry leaders and veterans. It also provides an orientation for the newer generations of AIDC professions. Speakers included:

  • Dr. David Allais, former CEO at Intermec, inventor of the ITF, Code 39, Code 11, Code 93 and Code 49 symbologies;

Sprague Ackley, Paul Bergé, Paula Giovannetti

  • Sprague Ackley

    Ackley, recipient of the 2006 Award by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and partner of the ISO Joint Technical Committee which develops standards for AIDC;

  • Paul Bergé, former Vice President of International Marketing and Managing Director of Symbol Technologies International, founding chairman of AIM Europe, United

    Paul Bergé

    Nations designee to China on barcode implementation in export packaging, former Vice President of International Operations at Paxar/Monarch and former Vice President of Business Strategy at Flextronics International;

  • Paula Giovannetti,  a Certified Professional Project Manager, Paula has worked with major retailers in the US and Canada including  Best Buy, Target, Grainger, Polaris, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Puma, ITW, US Department of Defense and many others. Projects include EDI, bar Coding, RFID, supply chain optimization, vendor compliance, global retail standards and master data quality. Paula received the 211 Don Percival Award, the highest award given annually to an individual recognizing outstanding contributions to the application of automatic identification technologies;
    Paula Giovannetti

    Paula Giovannetti

…and numerous other AIDC industry leaders.  It is a great honor and a humbling experience to be among such industry pioneers and giants.

The Automatic Identification Teacher’s Institute is an intensive, week-long seminar and workshop program that gives attendees face-to-face exposure to many of the pioneers and thought-leaders in the AIDC industry and to see first hand how this technology is evolving and solving new and important problems in supply chain security, food and drug security and safety. Presentations included such basics as Intro to Bar Codes, Bar Code Printing, Intro to RFID; and in-depth presentations on topics such as the FDA Ruling, GS1 Healthcare and Direct Part Marking technology, which is the fastest growing application in barcoding today.

Dr. Kevin Berisso

Kevin Berisso

Kevin Berisso

The Automatic Identification Teacher’s Institute group toured the FedEx hub which is over 1 square mile under roof, 84 miles of conveyors employing 10,000 people in any 24 hour period. This is truly a place which simply could not function without AIDC technology.

For information about this program or to find out about future Automatic Identification Teacher’s Institutes, contact Dr. Kevin Berisso here.

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