Axicon 15500 1D/2D “Universal” Verifier

The Axicon 15500 1D/2D verifier has the largest field of view of any handheld universal verifier currently available–95mm x 70mm (3.74″ x 2.76″) The high resolution camera can synthesize apertures as small as 7.5mil. Axicon’s “so smart it’s simple” software is UDI compliant, and the 15500 is certified to ISO/IEC 15415 and ISO 15416. It is also 21 CFR Part 11 certified.

Clever user-focused engineering makes the 15500 multi-positionable without requiring special fixtures

Axicon 15500

Axicon 15200 1D/2D "Universal" Verifier

The Axicon 15200 1D/2D verifier has 60mm x 45mm (2.25″ x (1.75″) field of view and can verify symbols with X dimensions as small as 5mil. It is the perfect device for pharmaceutical and medical device barcodes, certified to ISO/IEC 15415 and 15416 as well as GS1 and HIBC for UDI.


The 15200 is tethered to the user’s PC with its included USB2 cable. It is a complete kit including the verifier, international-ready power supply, software CD and reflectance calibration card, all in a hard plastic transit case.

Axicon 15200
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