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Barcode match is an important quality tool for order picking, kitting and packaging. Barcode match automates the process of making sure an order is being fulfilled with the right items. Yes, it sounds simple enough–in fact, why would you need technology to do something this simple? Ironically, the simplicity of the task is exactly why technology is necessary and does it much better than a human. Loading a master carton or building a kit from a menu of parts is such redundant, mind-numbing work, people just aren’t good at it. But at the same time, getting an order assembled correctly is critically important. We have a technology breakthrough–a barcode match system that learns a barcode and then tests subsequent barcodes to confirm a match or signal a mismatch.

Why is Barcode Match Important?

Making sure the right items and the right number of each are in a package not only assures customer satisfaction; it also supports supply chain security by signalling when items are missing or signalling when orphan or counterfeit items may have infiltrated a shipment. When the outbound shipment is absolutely correct, the received shipment must be an exact match–or something has happened en route.

A Totally New Solution

After 16 months of intensive development, our new Barcode Match (TM) app for Android is available! And it’s not just a one-for-one, learn one barcode and test one barcode matching system. It includes four very powerful and user-friendly modes of operation:

  • One-to-One: Learn one barcode, test one barcode match and the system automatically resets for the next operation
  • One-to-Many: Learn one barcode, test an unlimited number of barcodes. User resets the system for the next operation.
  • Many-to-Some: Learn and save a set of up to 50 barcodes, test some or all of them to confirm they belong in the set. User resets the system for the next operation.
  • Box Mode: Define a master carton, kit or pallet by its barcode, then define all the contents by item and number of each. System check to make sure the order is complete with no overages or shortages. Box mode also has a report function to capture and print a packaging report.

See Barcode Match (TM) demonstration video here.

Barcode Match (TM) is very reasonably priced–hundreds and even thousands less than comparable hardware-based barcode match products. And Barcode Match (TM) utilizes the user’s own Android smart phone. No expensive, loss-prone scanners or PDT’s. This is one device that won’t get lost–because the user owns it!

Barcode Match (TM) is now available for immediate download at the Google Play Store.

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