QR Code – What’s the Point?

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All of a sudden it seem like QR Codes are everywhere: magazine ads and articles, newspaper inserts, bill boards and store windows. Is there any point to this other than always trying to sell us something or make us look fashionable and techie? What is the problem they are trying to solve? What is the point?

Is QR Code just a fashion statement or is there some actual value to them?

In an increasingly mobile world, more and more transactions are conducted from smart phones and tablet computers. Whether you are on foot in an unfamiliar part of town, in a cab or on a train, it’s not easy to input a full website url from a smart phone keypad—even if you could correctly remember it all. Scan a QR Code with your smart phone and it quickly, effortlessly, and without error takes you directly to the website.

The web address encoded in a QR Code need not be a static destination. You, the shopkeeper or the service provider or the online retailer can change content at that url—what the person sees when they scan your QR Code. Today it sends them to your services page; tomorrow it goes to a featured product or special time-limited offer. You don’t have to change the QR Code—you change the destination to which the QR Code electronically points: no fliers, no brochures, no advertisements to reprint. Use a QR Code for a coupon-like offer. You can change the offer at the back end without changing the QR Code. Today the symbol can send you to www.site 1.com; tomorrow it can refer to www.site 2.com. QR Code completely changes the marketing ROI algorithm.

QR Code completely changes the marketing ROI algorithm

Because the QR Code directs traffic to the web, sites that it points to can use web metrics to track where the visitor came from. Slight differences in the QR Code posted on the West side of town from the one on the East side f town can help marketers pinpoint where their target audience lives or waits for a commuter train or buys their morning coffee.

QR Code is not just about transactions—it’s also about capturing useful data. A QR Code can digitize your contact information on a business card, so your new business acquaintance can quickly and easily capture your V Card data info into their business contacts database.

QR Code is not just about marketing

A medical products company has begun selling bracelets to customers whose critical health information is encoded in a QR Code on the bracelet. Medical personnel can instantly retrieve that information in case of a medical emergency.

QR Code isn’t just for print media. That same business contact information can be scanned from the display of a smart phone or tablet; it’s easy and paperless. Flight boarding passes can be captured at departure in this way. Other access-restricted events such as theater or sporting events can be controlled in this way, without the risk of lost, stolen or counterfeited tickets. Building security can also be established and maintained with QR Code, which can be like a password that can be changed as often as necessary and securely conveyed only to authorized users.

What is the problem for which the QR Code is the solution? We have only begun to scratch the surface.

Questions or ideas about how  you might use QR Code? You can contact me at john@barcode-test.com


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