New Verifier for IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode)

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Webscan Inc. (Longmont, CO) has announced a revision of its software for the TruCheck Omni universal verifier. As before the TruCheck Omni is still able to verify virtually any linear bar code such as UPC and Code 128, any stacked linear barcodes such as GS1 Databar Stacked Extended and GS1 Composite Symbology, and virtually any 2D symbology such as Datamatrix and QR Code. Now the Omni can also verify USPS Postnet and Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB).Webscan Logo

This new capability makes the Omni uniquely capable of verifying just about any symbology a user will encounter, without having to purchase specialty verifiers for different kinds of symbols.  This is especially   good news for printers that “do it all” including postal fulfillment for their customers.  And because IMB is integrated into Webscan’s standard software, users have only one “look and feel” to learn. This overcomes the inconvenience and expense of having to use a general purpose verifier for  conventional barcodes and a separate, single-purpose postal verifier for outbound bulk mailings. It also consolidates all verification functions into a single device, saving valuable work space in the QA lab. Considering all of its capabilities, the TruCheck Omni is very reasonably priced.

The TruCheck Omni is available in two sizes. The Standard Resolution model has a 4” wide by 3” high Field of View and verifies 2D and 1D symbols with X dimensions as small as 9 mil.  The Omni HD (very high resolution) verifies 2D and 1D symbols with X dimensions as small as 6 mil.Webscan-OMNI

The Omni XL with its extra large  6” wide by 4.5” high Field of View  verifies 2D and 1D symbols with X dimensions as small as 14 mil; The Omni Wide Angle (high resolution)  verifies 2D and 1D symbols with X dimensions as small as 7.5 mil.

The full list of symbologies the TruCheck Omni can verify includes:


QR Code Aztec Code


Code 128


GSi-Databar (formerly RSS)

GS1-Composite Symbology

Code 39





Pharmacode (Laeetus)




Code 93


Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)


Omni users can define regions within the field of view so select symbols on a compliance shipping label or a blister card. The Omni will multiple symbols from the largest 1D bar code to the smallest 2D symbol, all at one time.  And because even the Standard Resolution Omni has such high resolution, results are accurate and repeatable every time.


Included with all TruCheck verifiers is the Webscan reflectance calibration card. Users are encouraged to get optional GS1 Certified Calibrated Standard Test Cards for each symbology they will verify. It is a good idea for users of all verifier brands to have these, to confirm that their devices are functioning within factory operating parameters. Most verifier manufacturers neither mention these important test cards nor make them available to users. In part this is because some verifier manufactures offer models that are not ANSI/ISO compliant, so calibrating them or confirming their performance against the ANSI/ISO specification would be just as meaningless as the reliability of their verification test results.

Webscan continues to lead the industry with the highest resolution, most intuitive and advanced bar code verifiers available.

For more information, a sample verification report or a quote,  just ask!


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