Finding the Right Bar Code Verifier

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Sounds like a simple enough question; you know you need a verifier so you go looking for the best deal on a device that tests bar codes. End of story, right? Well, actually not. Here are ten important considerations to help you get the right verifier.

Getting the Right Bar Code Verifier is Simple, Right? Well….

1. What symbologies do you need to test?

Not infrequently people don’t really know what symbology they need to test—or they can’t anticipate what’s coming through the door. There are lots of different types of barcodes, and more showing up all the time.

2. What industry applications (variations on basic symbologies) are important to you?

Again, lots of people aren’t really sure. This problem is an opportunity: ask a potential bar code verifier reseller to test some of your barcodes. If they are eager to oblige, put them on the prospect list. If not, move on.

The Right Bar Code Verifier is ISO Compliant–Read the Fine Print

3. Make sure any verifier you are considering is ISO Compliant.

Pay attention to the verifier manufacturer’s exact language. You want a verifier that complies with ISO 15416-1 for linear bar codes and ISO 15415 for 2D or matrix symbols. Compliance means the device is tested and certified by an independent test lab. A bar code verifier that is “designed and manufactured according to ISO specifications” is probably not “compliant”.

4. To get the best deal—shop value, not price.

We all know what price is; what is “value?” defines it as: “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance or preciousness of something: ‘your support is of great value’.” The points listed below contribute to value; other points are intangible. The behavior and attitude of the bar code verifier reseller is probably the largest single factor contributing to (or not) the value of the deal. Ultimately value is defined by you;  you have it when you feel confident about what you bought: no buyer’s remorse.

5. Warranty

This is so basic and yet it is surprisingly difficult to find the warranty information on some verifiers. If you have to ask, how confident is the manufacturer of their product? A clearly stated and long warranty speaks for itself.

6. Tech Support

Does the bar code verifier manufacturer even have tech support? Is it included with the device or is there an additional charge. How do you contact tech support? Is it clearly and obviously stated or do you have to dig for it? All these considerations tell you something.

7. Stated return policy

Everybody can make a mistake. There are always reasons for needing to return a device. Is there a time limit? Is an RMA required? Is there a restocking charge? How do you initiate the process?

Buy your Bar Code Verifier from a Value Added Reseller who Really Adds Value

8. Value Added Reseller

As stated above, this is the biggie, as the name implies. If the reseller doesn’t add value, move on.

9. Ask people in your industry what they use

But listen carefully for their rationale. They should have good reasons for why they bought and use XYZ verifier. Be prepared and have the courage to make up your own mind.

10. Available options

Does the device you are settling in on offer meaningful optional accessories that would make your job easier/faster/more accurate? A manufacturer who pays attention to their end users and their industries will be receptive to opportunities to improve their device for your application.



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