Why a Barcode Scanner is not a Barcode Verifier

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This is a topic that has come up before and here it is again. Why? Because it is an important message. People believe what they want to believe and it gets them into all sorts of avoidable trouble. Just today somebody called looking for a barcode verifier, “…something in the $1000 range.”

People believe what they want to believe—part 1

Upon letting them know there is not a barcode verifier on the market from any manufacturer in that price range, except perhaps something used and worn, out of calibration and probably not fully ISO compliant, the caller let me know that they would just continue using their trusty old scanner which, after all, had served them well for years.  They didn’t quite call me a snake oil salesman but I felt it through the phone.

People believe what they want to believe—Part 2

This isn’t precisely on subject but it does help illustrate how people can talk themselves into anything. A customer who purchased a barcode verifier from us recently called to ask about the verification report. The barcode was getting an ANSI F grade and several of the ISO parameters were driving the failing grade. “But the symbol is decoding so it’s OK, right?” asked the caller. OMG.

Take heart. I will not repeat the same “Ten Powerful Reasons…” or “The Business Case…” for using a verifier rather than a scanner to test barcode quality. I found a different way to bring the message to you, and it has a delightful, some would say “quaint” British accent. I hope  you find it plausible and convincing, maybe even powerful and business-like.

Click here—and enjoy. We can help you get the right verifier for your unique needs, or test your barcodes in our lab, or train your people how to test your barcodes and control your barcode-related risk.

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