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Barcode Quality is a unique opportunity in a bad economy

Barcode quality is an oportunity in a bad business climate. This is important work that can be done now that was more difficult to get to when things were rocking, and the payoff is now and in the future.

When business is bad, mistakes are even more damaging to a business relationship, costly to correct and difficult to recover from. Implementing a barcode verification initiative or re-invigorating and improving the effectiveness of an existing one is an opportunity these times offer to your organization.

This is not busy work.  Stronger quality is much more than a survival tactic. A company with a reputation for quality is competitively advantaged over one who can only talk price.

Barcode quality is a competitive advantage 

What is a strong  quality program? It is a program that is carefully conceived and smartly implemented. It is neither understated nor extravagant. Just like wise talk and action in a tough economic environment, it is balanced. When the marketplace was busy, no one seemed to have time to plan. Equipment was purchased reactively and some resellers thought it was great, but many barcode quality programs and the companies they were intended to protect were not well conceived.

Times like these are an opportunity to correct that. Times like these provide a moment to think and prepare for the future. When things are rocking once again—and those good times will return some day—those who avail themselves of this special opportunity will find their efforts to have been a great investment.

Barcode verification, like economic recession, is most often framed in negative terms. A common comparison of a barcode verification program is to insurance, languaged in terms of risk management. The counterbalance to this is ROI—return on investment. A well crafted barcode quality program will not only save the company money, it will more than pay for itself over a relatively brief period of time.

While the math for this is somewhat ethereal, the logic is solid. A vendor with a great barcode quality program will help their customers anticipate and avoid barcode-related problems, detect barcode problems when they occur and correct them more rapidly than a competitor with a weaker or non-existent barcode quality expertise. That is what everybody recognizes as value and even (and especially) in hard times, value is what everybody is seeking.

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