10 Barcode Match Scenarios

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Here are 10 very diverse operations that have experienced significant improvement using Barcode Match.

Would Barcode Match benefit your process, supply chain or warehouse?

  1. A wine distributor has integrated Barcode Match into order packaging and errors have dropped to zero. Customer satisfaction has never been higher because Barcode Match ensures that the customer gets their exact order every time.
  2. Hospital bedside drug dosing might not seem like a fulfillment-like process but getting the prescription accurately matched to the patient is a similar challenge. Barcode Match does it quickly and simply.
  3. Public schools have a serious challenge, making sure a changing population of students get the right medications throughout the school day. Barcode Match pairs the drug to the student, and adds a layer of security that makes parents and administrators sleep better knowing mistakes are virtually impossible.
  4. A global auto and truck tire manufacturer faced the daunting challenge of identifying specific tires in their vast warehouse inventory. Barcode Match lets the user create a set of barcodes—in this case, the tires they wanted to pull. It made the job quicker, easier and error-free.
  5. A Midwest ingredients company was looking for a simple solution to avoid combining incorrect ingredients. Barcode Match solved the problem and reduced errors to zero.
  6. Sheltered workshops have found it beneficial to add Barcode Match technology to redundant tasks and look-alike items. Workers found the Android scanner to be fast and fun to use while the workshop appreciated the improvement in productivity and error ratings.
  7. A recreational watercraft manufacturer uses Barcode Match in parts picking for manufacturing. Efficiency improved so much they increased output and reduced errors.
  8. A national brand cookie baker uses Barcode Match to ensure their product does not contain any allergen ingredients as claimed on their label. It has saved them from embarrassing and expensive product recalls and loss of customer confidence.
  9. A global pharmaceutical manufacturer Is using Barcode Match in their manufacturing process, to ensure that only the specified materials are used in their critical formulations.
  10. A Canadian automotive systems manufacturer uses Barcode Match in their ERP system, verifying inbound shipments against system-generated orders.

Barcode Match has four powerful modes of operation and is compatible with 1D and 2D barcodes.

Barcode Match is available fully integrated into a range of platforms including:

  • glove-mounted scanner with finger trigger for hands-free picking and packaging confirmation
  • handheld Bluetooth scanner
  • low cost sled scanner
  • IP-rated industrial enclosure with pistol grip

…or as a downloaded app only to install on your Android smartphone or device.

See Barcode Match demonstrated here. Access the data sheets here.


Customization to your unique specifications is available.

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