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Administrator’s Introduction           In an unexpected move, Printronix sold the brand and assets of the Inspector series linear barcode verifier to a newly formed company, RJS Technologies of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company has announced its intentions to develop and market the product line. The deal did not include the fixed mount SV100 inline verifier which Printronix retains. I asked Eric Rudolf, marketing director at RJS Technologies to guest author this article, to explain the rationale and plans for this acquisition.

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RJS developed and released the first bar code verification device in 1975. However, the industry firsts did not stop there, and RJS has since put its leadership stamp on the bar code verification and inspection world. Over the last 35 years RJS has introduced the first analytical bar code verification system for assuring the quality of film masters (1977), developed the first Auto-Optic scan head for ANSI verification standards (1994), and patented a wide range of technologies related to hand held bar code verification.

RJS Invented Verifiers in 1975

With the above in mind, the last 35 years have also presented a number of challenges for RJS as a brand. Although RJS’s technology has always been popular world-wide, product development and marketing at RJS was nearly nonexistent from 2005 to 2010 until a recent change in ownership re-energized the brand, the product line, and the company as a whole. Starting early in 2011, RJS made a commitment to bring back its focus on innovative product development and reseller support, announcing it would release three (3) new products (including two that will be released in 2011): a redesigned D4000/L1000 for high static environments, a D4000SP unit that can be used with only one hand, and a third product to address the market needs for a portable linear/2D combo unit that complies with ISO 15426-1/-2.

RJS leaving Printronix represents a new commitment to Verification

While other hardware manufacturers like Honeywell (formerly Hand Held Products) are completely exiting the bar code verification business, RJS is pushing forward by adding not only new products, but new levels of service as well. In addition to maintaining immediate shipping availability of all current RJS products, the company now provides 24-hour turn around on all verifier service work—at no additional cost to the customer—as well as comprehensive reseller training, and a program to develop products for resellers whose countries require unique or proprietary solutions.

Guest Author Eric Rudolf Bio

Eric Rudolf has over 14 years of marketing and product development experience in the supply chain and bar coding industries, and is also a widely published small business writer. Over the last three years Eric’s articles have been republished and promoted by LegalZoom.com, BusinessWeek.com, The Social Media Guide, The American Management Association, Microsoft Small Business, Reuters Small Business, Verizon Small Business, Hewlett Packard Small Business, Pitney Bowes Small Business, Harvard Business Services, and hundreds of others.

Administrator’s Conclusions            This will be an interesting development to watch. RJS Technologies has taken on a lot, to overcome the neglect this brand has suffered at the hands of Printronix.  If they can accomplish their goals within the ambitious timeframe described by Mr. Rudolf, they may succeed in elevating portable RJS verifiers to new visibility and respect. We welcome them and wish them well.

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