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The PV1000 makes any non-S or HS model 6000, 6500 or 7000 series Axicon verifier portable. This clever device gives you all the convenience of a portable verifier without any of the inconveniences and compromises of other portable verifiers.

All Axicon verifiers are fully ANSI/ISO compliant, point and shoot devices so you don’t have to use an awkward and archaic wand.

The PV1000 solves the problem of capturing and saving the report by allowing you to transfer test results directly to your PC with a USB memory stick. No complicated software interfaces and 9 pin serial cables.

Test reports can be saved and transferred as text files that anybody can email and read, or can be saved in Axicon’s powerful SCN format for maximum access to all diagnostic features available in the Axicon software, which is compatible with PC or Mac.

Get the PV1000 Data Sheet here.

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