Christmas Wishes

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We never tire of watching this–a scene from a big box store in Germany.

Somehow it doesn’t even matter that it was probably–OK obviously–staged by the checkout folks. The shoppers are apparently surprised and that’s enough for me. All of a sudden they are all connected in their surprise and enjoyment, and that’s the magic of the season. The real magic and the real meaning of the season. The connections between us all.

All of us here at Barcode Test hope all of you are ready and willing to discover this magic, meaning and message of the season. We send out our hope to everyone–yes everyone:

  • those who have never heard of us
  • those with whom we compete
  • those we have been privileged to serve, and…
  • those just discovering us for the first time

This hope is the future of humankind in all of its colors, languages, beliefs and expressions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Barcode Test.

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