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Barcode-Test is  exhibiting at the Chicago TAPPI Table Top Trade Fair next week.

TAPPI is the leading trade association for packaging and converting

TAPPI, for the unfamiliar, is the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, self-described as “…the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging and converting industries…” Chicago TAPPI, the Chicago chapter, is a very large and active group with a lot of members from corrugated and consumer packaging.

Barcode-Test joined Chicago Tappi right after incorporating last year. We’re  demonstrating two great barcode verifiers at the May 1 fair. The 6515 is for linear barcodes up to 4.9” wide (including quiet zones). The 7015 is the perfect verifier for large ITF14’s on corrugated, up to 7.6” wide (including quiet zones). We’ve blogged about both of these verifiers in the past.

TAPPI is the only trade group that realistically addresses barcode quality

My first awareness of TAPPI was decades ago, in the early days of barcoding. Back when nobody seemed willing to be honest about barcode quality, TAPPI came right out and declared that the best ANSI grade anybody could realistically expect for a barcode printed on bare corrugated was a D. Their candor was—and is—refreshing and to my knowledge, Tappi remains the sole voice of reality and reason regarding barcodes on corrugated.

If you’re planning to attend the Chicago TAPPI meeting, bring barcode samples with you so we can demonstrate the Axicon verifier and show you some of its unique capabilities. We’ll do some verification tests from your samples so you can see the Axicon report and learn about how it relates to improving print quality of the barcode.

Come and meet us at Chicago TAPPI on May 1

Come visit us on Tuesday, May 1 at the Chicago TAPPI Table Top Trade Fair at the Marriott Oak Brook, 1401 W. 22nd Street in Oak Brook, IL. The fair goes from 2PM to 5PM and is followed by the AICC evening meeting. Hope to see you there!

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