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No this article is not actually about barcode news, it is of course about bar code quality. But when you think about it, almost anything having to do with barcode news is by definition about bar code quality.

Incidentally the very best place to find out about barcode news is at a great newsletter called (wait for it)



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Back to the point…the current edition has a great article about “Leveraging Emerging Barcode Scanner Technology” which discusses a trend that is taking place among scanner manufacturers, who are offering upgrades to enable older linear scanners to read stacked 2D and matrix 2D symbologies. This is more affordable than replacing scanners.

This same edition also has another great article—a product review actually—about a new mobile device that can parse ID and age verification data from state-issued ID’s and licenses; great for liquor or tobacco stores, casinos, gun stores,—any establishment with age restricted products

Why is this pertinent to the barcode quality mission of Barcode-Test? Because it’s all about legibility! New scanner functionality at a cost savings is always great, but it doesn’t mean a thing if the bar code doesn’t work. There is so much focus on technology in warehousing, logistics, channel management, point of sale, trace and track—whatever buzzword there is to describe it—and seldom a cursory nod to the importance of bar code quality.

Kudos to The Barcode™ News for recognizing this—see “Bar Code Quality: Why You Need a Bar Code Verifier Instead of a Scanner” by yours truly.

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