Barcode Match–the Third Aspect of Barcode Quality

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Barcode verification is like spelling, testing to make sure the elements that form the encoded message are correct. Barcode validation is like penmanship, making sure the message is legible. Barcode match—the third leg of the barcode quality tripod—is like vocabulary, making sure the right words, or in this case, the right items are in the package. This is done by using the barcode that identifies the item, and comparing it to the barcode on the pick list, order or other documentation. Barcode match is important because an incorrect shipment is a waste of valuable resources: time, shipping cost, depleting inventory with wrong items somewhere in transit and unavailable, and customer dissatisfaction. These are relatively minor problems.

More importantly, barcode match supports supply chain security. Wrong items in a shipment signal a possible intercepted shipment. Has something been stolen? Is something unexpected included? Are the contents of the shipment counterfeit or adulterated?

The most basic form of barcode match is visual. The order picker or packaging worker visually checks items on the pick list and the items going into the carton or onto the pallet. Humans are not well suited to this mind-numbing, error prone operation. A better solution is to use a mobile scanner.

Basic barcode match is a standard capability on many mobile scanners. Most of them include a 1-to-1 and a 1-to-Many mode of operation.

One to One mode lets the user program the smart phone with one master and test one barcode for a match, after which the system automatically resets for the next 1: 1 operation.

One to Many mode lets the user program the smart phone with one master and test as many barcodes as necessary before manually resetting the system for the next operation.

There is a new barcode match program, called Barcode Match™ that is available pre-loaded on select mobile scanners. In addition to the standard functions above, it also includes two advanced modes:

Many to Some mode lets the user program the system with up to 50 master barcodes and test any number of barcodes for a match to the saved master set.

Box mode lets the user define a specific set of up to 50 items that go into a saved box. The user can define and save an unlimited number of different boxes*, each with a unique set of items.  Box Mode also tracks the number of each item, and provides the ability to generate a report.

Barcode Match™ software is also available for integration into your specific Android-compatible device.

Visit the Code Match Products area of this website to view the range of barcode matching devices we offer.

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*limited only by available device memory

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