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The 6015 is a small, simple package loaded with unique, user-friendly features. It is ISO/ANSI compliant to verify virtually all 1D linear barcodes up to 72mm or 2.8: wide, including quiet zones.

Using it—and looking at it—you can tell that Axicon did not start from other popular platforms and build on (or improve) their attributes. They started from scratch—and what they’ve achieved is sleek, modern and forward-looking.

For starters, the 6015 is convertible. It can be used while tethered to your pc or Mac, or it can become completely portable with a battery-powered Portable Display Unit or PDU.

As a tethered device, the 6015 has no onboard batteries, no tangle-prone power cable. It communicates to the computer and takes power through a USB cable.

As a portable, it communicates to the PDU and takes power from its conventional AA batteries (no hard to find, eco-nasty NiCad’s) through that same USB cable.

Getting the test data from the PDU to the computer is easy. Any USB memory stick does the trick. No fussy interfaces with arcane 9 pin serial cables.

If you need a print-out but don’t have access to a computer, any serial receipt printer will do. Axicon offers portable as well as wall-current printers. You don’t have to buy an Axicon branded accessory printer—although their prices are reasonable.

Best of all is the simple, intuitive ergonomics: it is straightforward point and shoot. The V6015 performs a full ANSI test including reflectivity and contrast grading without the awkwardness and user-unfriendliness of a wand.

There is a lot to recommend this verifier—but it’s not perfect. The scan window is somewhat narrow and it’s not always easy to be sure you have it flat against the symbol. Axicon has an accessory nose cone that solves this problem—I highly recommend it to every buyer.

A minor annoyance is the recommended two-year factory-recertification but this can easily be avoided by buying a GS1 Calibrated Certified Standard Test Card from GS1. With this you can test the V6015 for conformance. If it’s non-conforming, you’ll still have to send it to the factory but Axicon devices are very well made and electronically stable. The need for factory repair is a rarity.

The 6015 is a brilliant offering and a great value for the price–$2275 tethered and $2830 as a convertible which includes the PDU. This includes lifetime firmware updates from Axicon.

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