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Axicon verifiers are feature rich and responsive to customer needs

Axicon products have been a part of our products catalog for quite a while, and yet we had only begun to understand the broader range of capabilities their products offer to customers. Being here has been like drinking from the proverbial fire hose: Axicon verifiers are richly featured and keenly attentive to customer needs.

This is a company built on communication—both within the organization as well as with the global base of customers they have created over the years. Soon that family will include office in Moscow and Mumbai which join offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa China and US offices in Ohio and California. When you listen to as broad a base of customers as this, interesting things are bound to happen.

Axicon customers drive their business

What are Axicon customers saying, asking, requesting, demanding? Axicon is careful not to divulge sensitive customer information, but they are surprisingly forthcoming about what they’re working on.

As successful as the current range of linear verifiers has been, Axicon engineers are working on the next generation of linear verifiers to improve how the data is collected and interpreted—in other words, how to make a better linear verifier.

Axicon is working on a dramatic new linear verifier 

Sound ironic in a world where 2D is taking over? Not for Axicon. They already have arguably the best 2D verifiers in the world. Those products will be scheduled for upgrade, but right now Axicon is focused in the linear verifiers. That’s how success becomes the result of innovation—and restraint. But it doesn’t mean that Axicon is ignoring new auto-id technologies: they are also working closely in RFID and have some interesting niche products in a processing application.

And of course Axicon is continuing to innovate and lead in mature niches. For example they offer only verifier in the world for pharmacode symbols (aka PCE or Laetus).

Axicon “secret sauce”

What is the “secret sauce” that has made Axicon the leading global barcode expert company? It’s really no secret, the key ingredients are innovation and communication.


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