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Axicon Group has evolved and matured into one of the major forces in barcode verification. I had the pleasure of visiting them in Brentwood almost 20 years ago, and next week I have the unique opportunity to visit them again, now in Weston.

Axicon is one of the top manufacturers of barcode verifiers worldwide

As a distributor and reseller of nearly all brands of verifiers, it is important for me to be as knowledgeable as possible about every brand and every model available. Visiting the manufacturer on their home turf is a great way to do this. Each manufacturer has a corporate personality and some of them are secretive and guarded. It is significant that Axicon is genuinely welcoming and interested in hearing from its distributors. This must have something to do with their having grown into one of the largest   verification specialists in the industry.

Axicon welcomes and listens to its customers

This brief post is to alert you loyal readers that next week will be quite a bit different than previous weeks. I will be less able to post regularly and rather than maintain the usual tight focus on barcode quality issues, next week I’ll talk about Axicon and their products, their philosophy and their direction.

In the coming months and year, I hope to be able to bring you similar posts from visits to other verifier manufacturers—to the extent that they will be amenable.

Axicon invites you to visit with them in Las Vegas

Of course you can have a hands-on experience with the full line of Axicon verifiers at the AIM Expo in Las Vegas in September—see

Later, friends!

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