Training: Verifier Best Practices

Barcode SeminarNow that you have purchased a barcode verifier, the next step is to make the most of your investment.  We can help, starting from the basics of installing the software, configuring and calibrating the device and verifying your first barcode. If you haven’t yet purchased a verifier, we can help you establish which one is the best one for your particular requirements—whether or not you decide to purchase from us.

Buying a barcode verifier is a smart risk management decision, protecting you, your business partners and your business relationship from bad barcodes. But a verifier can also help you detect barcode problems as they develop, before they become bad enough to cause a real problem. This not only prevents a potential liability—it can also save you the time and money it takes to correct a problem by anticipating that a problem is brewing. Your barcode verifier is a powerful diagnostic and deterrent tool if you know how to use it and interpret the results.

Verifiers, whether for 1D barcodes like UPC and Code 128, or for 2D for symbols like Data Matrix and QR Code, test and grade in accordance with an ISO Specification. The ISO Specification grades symbols based on its reflective and other key characteristics called parameters. Because these are not familiar to the print reproduction people, it can be challenging to figure out how to adjust the print process based on the verification test report. Whatever print method you use–thermal, ink jet, litho, flexo or direct part mark–we can help.

Barcode quality now means more than just print quality. High capacity barcodes such as the 1D Code 128 and 2D Data Matrix Code must present the data in a specified sequence, prefixed with the correct data field identifiers. A high quality modern verifier will check this—if it is configured correctly. Not all barcode types have check digits; there are four types of 1D symbols that have optional check digits. If the verifier settings are incorrect, you may not be checking the barcode accurately, or getting false FAIL messages.

We can help you install and configure your verifier to do what you purchased it to do—control your barcode-related risk and protect your trading partner relationships. Our verifier training helps users to understand and apply the information in the verification report to resolve problems and predict problems before they become—problems.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs and concerns.