Verifier Calibration and Re-Certification

A barcode verifier is a precision opto-electronic device, and requires periodic testing to make sure it is working within its operational tolerances. Often this is done at the manufacturer or a designated testing site, and it can take days or weeks and cost a lot of money and disruption in your operation. Barcode-Test has a better way: we offer scheduled service which enables us to test and re-certify your verifiers to ISO compliance and ship them back out, usually the same day as received. Schedule an appointment with Barcode-Test with a shipment tracking number and we do the rest. Your verifier arrives back at your facility the next day, clean, with new batteries and a fresh ISO re-certification.

Need even better service? Schedule an on-site appointment. We will re-certify your verifiers at your facility–they never leave your site.

If your verifier tests out-of-tolerance to the NIST traceable conformance test cards, we can (with your permission) request the RMA and return it to the factory for service.