Barcode Quality Policy and Procedures Documentation

If your company designs, prints or utilizes barcodes in a supply chain, a company policy and procedures document is an essential first step in controlling the potential risk and liability in using barcodes.  Bad barcodes can lead to chargebacks from your trading partners and their logistics suppliers who rely on them in the supply chain. And the risk doesn’t stop there: eventual loss of retailer shelf space and customer relationship can result from unresolved barcode problems.

Barcode verification is not the total solution to these problems. If your company has not stated its policy regarding barcode quality and has not instituted a written barcode quality procedure, you cannot substantiate a claim that it has been clearly communicated to either your vendors or your employees.  A barcode quality policy and procedures document makes it clear and irrefutable the quality you require in your barcodes and how you expect it to be achieved.

It is important to communicate your expectations for barcode quality to your employees, and it is just as important to communicate it to your vendors and suppliers. Risk and liability due to bad barcodes does not go away if you rely on vendors to design or print your barcodes or to mark your incoming inventory. Referencing supplier quality, a sage person once said “You get what you enforce.” But if you haven’t told your suppliers what you expect, what is there to enforce? A barcode quality policy statement and document is how you let them know—in writing.

We can write your policy statement and procedures document quickly and comprehensively. You can merge it into the employee handbook, the corporate quality document or add it as an addendum. If you are an ISO compliant company, it is undoubtedly a requirement. Let us help.