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Code Match Part 2: Kitting

Kitting is specialized packaging—putting all of the parts together to form a complete kit; hence “kitting.” How do you ensure than the kit is complete and all the various parts are there? Code match is the best way. But if code match is a one-for-one match of a “master” barcode and its clone, how can […]

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Barcode Quality Procedures: The Key to Barcode Risk Management

Barcodes that don’t work right are an enormous liability. Managing that risk begins with a well thought out, diligently executed barcode quality procedures document. Yes, a document, a step-by-step standard operating procedure that is ingrained into the corporate culture and deviated from never, not for any reason. Like any rigorous procedure, barcode quality begins at […]

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Six Ways to Optimize Barcode Quality and Reduce Risk

Making sure your barcodes will work as they should is actually pretty easy, but just because you’ve never had a barcode problem is an illogical and potentially disastrous reason for not taking steps to assure good barcode performance. Here are the most important six steps: 1. Maximize the X dimension. This is the building block unit […]

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Barcode Quality as Risk Management

This is not the first article we’ve published about barcode quality as risk management, but this one takes a different tack on the subject—an important one that puts a finer and sharper point on the issue. What is the different tack, that finer point? In previous articles we’ve delved into what barcode quality is and […]

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Verifying Barcodes on Corrugated

   Most barcode printing situations are pretty much the same, but printing barcodes on corrugated is highly specialized, and it brings special requirements both to barcode quality and the equipment required to test and grade it. The corrugated environment is so challenging for barcode printing, a symbology was invented specifically for it: the Interleaved Two […]

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The Future of Barcoding: A Retail Perspective

Barcode uses are so diverse, so rapidly evolving, it is not useful to talk about the future of barcoding as a whole. This article focuses on the future of barcoding just from a retail perspective, which has been the subject of much speculation almost from the beginning. Such speculation started with predictions that RFID will […]

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Barcode Types: More than Meets the Eye

There are more barcode types than most people realize. We are talking about the most basic barcode structures—not the more subtle, technical range of ways to encode the data (ergo Code 128, Interleaved Two-of-Five, UPC, etc.). The growing popularity of 2D symbols seems to suggest that there are really only two barcode types: 1D (like […]

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Barcode Match: Another Form of Barcode Quality

What we call barcode match others may call validation, but whatever you call it, it is an important variation of barcode quality, and it has many forms. Most often, we have seen barcode match in packaging lines where the packager must ensure that only the correct items are going into the master carton or on […]

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Laminate and Barcode Quality

There are many factors that influence barcode quality and performance. Laminate is one of the most misunderstood and elusive, but with the right tools and a clear understanding of the verification report, it is possible to laminate barcodes on labels and packages successfully. Not all laminates are the same and while the differences are not […]

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ISO Compliant Barcode Verifier

We’ve written before about the importance of using an ISO compliant barcode verifier but we’ve never talked specifically about what ISO compliance is and what it means. But let’s begin at the beginning and first discuss what the ISO organization is, who they are and what they do and do not do. ISO is the International Organization for […]

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