What is Pharmacode?

Pharmaceutical Binary Code or pharmacode was developed my Laetus GMBH, a German company founded in 1974. Think of the Laetus Pharmacode as the original error prevention solution for the pharmaceutical packaging, except… …pharmacode is technically not really a barcode, at least not as we think of barcodes. While it does encode numerical data sort of […]

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Code Match: A Case Study

Code match is not a new use of barcodes but like so many uses of barcodes, the sky is the limit for how many different ways in which the barcode can be useful. This is but one example, and we think a clever one. The company we worked with is a co-packager. They receive commodity […]

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How do I get started in barcoding?

Those of you who have been barcoding your products for a while can go ahead and roll your eyes, but remember, here is where you started. Barcoding is like life—you can’t skip any steps. Everybody starts at the beginning, so for you newbies, here is where you start. Barcode Standards How will your barcodes be […]

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operating room

How important is Drug Labeling in Health Care Delivery?

Barcodes In Healthcare In a study published in the journal Anesthesiology in which researchers examined surgical procedures at Massachusetts General Hospital during 2013—2014, it was found that almost half of those surgeries involved a drug dosing mishap. Over one-third of them caused patent injury including three life-threatening mistakes, although no deaths actually resulted. Operating rooms […]

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3D Barcodes

Yes Virginia, there are 3D barcodes but let’s first be clear what they are not. Contrary to what some have written, Data Matrix Code and QR Code are not 3D barcodes (and nor, for that matter, are UPC and Code 128 2D barcodes). Come on people, remember your middle school geometry: data encoded in the […]

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Axicon Family P1

Do I Need a 1D or a 2D Barcode Verifier?

Sounds like a simple question but the answer isn’t always that straightforward. It depends on a lot of things. For example, what kind of a shop are you? If you are a commercial printer, you never know what’s going to come through the door or the email. Even if you’ve never printed a single Data […]

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Optimum Card System

The Benefits of In-Line Verification

If you print barcodes on a thermal or thermal transfer printer, consider the benefits to in-line verification. If you already understand the importance of barcode verification, inline verification can make a big difference—and if you are not already verifying your barcodes, you will soon find out how expensive and destructive one barcode quality problem can be […]

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Hospital Scanning CROPPED

UDI Barcode Challenges: Difficult Substrates

Some substrates can be very challenging for barcodes, and the UDI requirement has introduced some heretofore unseen situations. Recently we were invited to a company that prints linear barcodes on those clear plastic drip bags that hang at hospital bedsides, infusing a patient with a solution through the IV. Sounds straightforward enough, but it is […]

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Code Match Part 2: Kitting

Kitting is specialized packaging—putting all of the parts together to form a complete kit; hence “kitting.” How do you ensure than the kit is complete and all the various parts are there? Code match is the best way. But if code match is a one-for-one match of a “master” barcode and its clone, how can […]

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Hand of a business man completing the puzzle with the last missing piece.Concept image of Business Acronym SOP as Standard Operating Procedure

Barcode Quality Procedures: The Key to Barcode Risk Management

Barcodes that don’t work right are an enormous liability. Managing that risk begins with a well thought out, diligently executed barcode quality procedures document. Yes, a document, a step-by-step standard operating procedure that is ingrained into the corporate culture and deviated from never, not for any reason. Like any rigorous procedure, barcode quality begins at […]

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