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The Barcode Quality Partnership

If your company relies on vendors to produce or move your product—and who doesn’t?—you are already aware that your business has many relationships that are critical to your operations and success. That may include vendors who design or print your barcodes. Not long ago we wrote about one such partnership that wasn’t functioning as it […]

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Verifying the Barcode Verifier

Recently a customer called with a verifier concern. This is a company with several locations and different brands of verifiers. The XYZ verifier in one location was grading a particular barcode very differently than the same barcode on an ABC verifier at another location. Which one should they believe? A different situation with another customer […]

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Will Online Shopping Kill Barcodes?

Next to the predicted (and bogus) death of QR Codes, probably the next most prevalent doomsayer forecast is that online shopping will kill barcodes. And one of the most-oft stated causes is online shopping. This is something of a change since not too long ago the most popular reason that barcode technology was going to fail was […]

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Understanding Modulation in the Barcode Verification Report

Recently we wrote about the ISO parameter Decodability. Now we will discuss Modulation, which is also somewhat difficult to understand. But first we must understand the various ways in which reflectivity is measured and graded in verification. Modulation grades the variability in light and dark reflectance values  Minimum Edge Contrast is an expression of the […]

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Barcode Verifiers and Radar Detectors

 Several years ago I got a speeding ticket on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I was driving an uninspiring car and it was, well, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, an inspiring stretch of  road. I explained without success  to the nice trooper that I had simply lost awareness of how fast I was going and he unceremoniously handed me […]

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Barcode Validation—the Newest Barcode Quality Attribute

 When barcode technology was new, the concept of barcode quality was limited to the print quality of the symbol. In the ensuing years barcode data  structure also became an important attribute of barcode quality. Barcode validation is now becoming a significant barcode quality attribute. What precisely is barcode validation? It means different things to different people. […]

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Barcode Verifier Types

 As barcode technology has matured and expanded into ever more, and more critical roles, barcodes are now found on a wider variety of materials and packaging  configurations: metallic tubes and other cylindrical shapes, metallic-like bags, pouches and labels, parts and sub-assemblies of every imaginable size, shape and substrate.  This means that barcode verification has also […]

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Changes in Barcode Verification

In the 35+ years that barcodes have been around in significant numbers, barcode verification has evolved and changed, right along with the barcodes themselves.  In the earliest days, barcode verification was relatively unknown; some pioneers in the industry even believed that verification was unnecessary. Looking back, it is difficult to reconstruct their logic, but it […]

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Decodability: How to Improve Barcode Quality

 Decodability is one of the tested and graded ISO parameters that determine barcode quality. Why test and grade a barcode for quality? This is done in order to predict with  reasonable accuracy that the barcode will decode successfully using any type of scanner anywhere on the planet. That’s a tall order and that is one […]

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