Barcode 401: How do Barcodes Work?

If you refer to all barcodes as UPC’s, this article won’t be interesting to you. But if you know that all barcodes are not UPC’s, it may interest you to know that different symbologies encode the data very differently, and I’m not talking about how the data itself is arranged: that’s a different sort of […]

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UPC Aspect Ratio

Don’t Overlook Barcode Quality Basics

Many times—more than I can remember—people send us  samples of bad barcodes and the problem that has confounded them turns out to be something very basic—and obvious to us at least. So this article will focus on some of those most basic attributes of a barcode, whether it be a 1D UPC symbol or a […]

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The Next Big Barcode Problem

Barcodes were invented to solve a problem—that is the bedrock of their existence. Kroger volunteered one of their stores for market research and in 1974 it all became history with the scanning of the first barcode in a retail store. From there, every evolutionary step in barcode technology has been to solve the next presenting […]

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Waffle Pattern Databar

The Single Most Important Barcode Verification Tool

We’ve written a lot about barcode quality, finding the right barcode verifier, interpreting the verification report and how to verify a barcode. But what is the single most important barcode verification tool? Hint: it is not the verifier. One of the problems with technology is the implicit promise it seems to make. For reasons too […]

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Using the Verification Report to Improve 2D Barcode Quality

In a recent article we talked about using the verification report to improve 1D barcode quality. Doing the same for 2D symbols is not altogether different—mostly the nomenclature is different. Many of the ISO15415 parameters for 2D symbols will be familiar to someone who has worked with linear barcodes. Matrix symbols such as Data Matrix […]

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Code 128 UDI

UDI Barcode Structure

As the FDA rule rolls out, there is a lot of confusion about the UDI barcode. What is required? Where must it be shown? How is it structured? For reasons we don’t completely understand, it is very difficult finding answers to these very basic questions. The UDI or Unique Device Identification is, as the name […]

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How to Verify a Barcode

It may be more complicated than you would think to verify a barcode. You don’t just get a verifier and start pressing the button. In fact it begins with getting the right verifier—they are not all the same. To begin with, make sure you have an ISO compliant verifier. Surprising as it may seem, not […]

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Failing Symbol Grade

Using the Verification Report to Improve Barcode Quality

Your ISO compliant barcode verifier is telling you your barcodes aren’t perfect—great. But how do you use the information in the report to improve your barcodes? In this article we’ll discuss the verification reports for 1D barcodes. We will discuss 2D symbols in a later article. Quick review. The ISO grade for a barcode is […]

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Why is Barcode Verification Important?

Barcode performance is has improved in recent year for several reasons. Digital printing is one reason. Better scanners is another. Don’t these aggregate into making barcode verification unnecessary? We don’t think so and here’s why. While it may be true that digital printing and better scanners have improved barcode performance, barcode quality has also been […]

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What is Pharmacode?

Pharmaceutical Binary Code or pharmacode was developed my Laetus GMBH, a German company founded in 1974. Think of the Laetus Pharmacode as the original error prevention solution for the pharmaceutical packaging, except… …pharmacode is technically not really a barcode, at least not as we think of barcodes. While it does encode numerical data sort of […]

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