Barcode Verification is Obsolete

Apologies for the hyperbolic title—I must have gotten caught up in all the election year sensationalism. However, this is a statement of belief we in the barcode quality community increasingly hear. It is driven by several factors but the availability of very aggressive scanners is the most often cited. “It stands to reason,” say the […]

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How to Buy the Right 1D/2D Verifier

Barcodes are complicated, and so is the challenge of buying the right 1D/2D barcode verifier. Like many complex challenges, the right way to take it on and make a smart buy is to break it down into its component parts. Here are ten of those parts: Field of View: make sure the verifier you are […]

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small casting

DPM Verification of Barcodes

First, what is a DPM or Direct Part Mark barcode? It is a barcode that is imaged directly onto the surface of a part or sub-assembly, rather than being imaged onto a tag or label which is then somehow affixed to that part or sub-assembly. DPM barcodes can be imaged onto cast metal parts such […]

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hand of a lab technician holding blood tube test with bar code on laboratory and background a rack of color tubes with blood samples other patients / hand doctor holding a blood tube test with bar code for analysis in lab

Verifying PDF and JPG Barcode Files

Our barcode test lab has historically recommended that clients send us actual barcode samples in their final form. We would get labels, packages, subassemblies, component parts of machines and devices, aluminum soda cans, surgical devices, medical supplies—even the occasional bottle of wine or distilled spirits. We did this because the best way to anticipate whether […]

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Barcode Data Structure

It used to be that barcode quality was all about print quality. Even today, print quality is the only issue addressed by the ISO specifications for 1D and 2D barcodes. But as barcodes have been adopted into more industries and usages, the way the data is encoded has become another important barcode quality consideration. Data […]

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Using a Barcode Test Lab

Using a barcode test lab is not unlike using barcodes in a supply chain—it’s all about communication. Tell everybody that needs to know what you expect and don’t neglect to ask them to confirm. This also extends to any vendors you may be using to print your barcode labels. Referencing barcode quality, a wise person […]

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Barcode 401: How do Barcodes Work?

If you refer to all barcodes as UPC’s, this article won’t be interesting to you. But if you know that all barcodes are not UPC’s, it may interest you to know that different symbologies encode the data very differently, and I’m not talking about how the data itself is arranged: that’s a different sort of […]

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UPC Aspect Ratio

Don’t Overlook Barcode Quality Basics

Many times—more than I can remember—people send us  samples of bad barcodes and the problem that has confounded them turns out to be something very basic—and obvious to us at least. So this article will focus on some of those most basic attributes of a barcode, whether it be a 1D UPC symbol or a […]

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The Next Big Barcode Problem

Barcodes were invented to solve a problem—that is the bedrock of their existence. Kroger volunteered one of their stores for market research and in 1974 it all became history with the scanning of the first barcode in a retail store. From there, every evolutionary step in barcode technology has been to solve the next presenting […]

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Waffle Pattern Databar

The Single Most Important Barcode Verification Tool

We’ve written a lot about barcode quality, finding the right barcode verifier, interpreting the verification report and how to verify a barcode. But what is the single most important barcode verification tool? Hint: it is not the verifier. One of the problems with technology is the implicit promise it seems to make. For reasons too […]

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