Barcode Testing Services

6525-s-436x270If you design, provide pre-press services, print barcodes or are a brand owner using barcodes, a poorly performing barcode is a liability. The only way to manage that risk is to test your barcodes. It s a highly recommended practice to have your barcodes tested by an independent third party—even if you have an in-house barcode testing program and it is especially important if you do not.

Barcode-Test will do as much—or as little as needed:

  • spot-check a few samples
  • test a batch of barcodes
  • review your barcode processes and procedures to get and maintain control of your barcode quality and prevent future problems.

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Barcode problems are almost always an emergency. We respond within a few hours of receiving your samples, with emailed copies of the verification reports, a summary of the results in plain English and specific recommendations for how to improve future results. If necessary we schedule a phone conference with you and your team to discuss findings and recommendations, and to answer your questions so everybody is on board and going in the same direction. If appropriate, we also discuss follow-up plans and scheduling.

Our testing services can help you with your in-house barcode printing operation, or pre-quality a new barcode printer-vendor, or help a long-time vendor to improve the barcodes they produce for you.

Barcodes are what make your trading relationships and your supply chain work. Call us now to protect and strengthen your business and bring you peace of mind.