Training: Barcode Quality

Barcode quality is more important today than ever before. And it will be increasingly important in the future. In the early days of retail scanning, a bad barcode was an inconvenience. Today a bad barcode can be a huge liability.

Barcode quality includes the quality of the printed barcode image and the integrity of the encoded data in the barcode. You cannot rely on just a verifier to manage barcode quality risk.

Barcode-Test offers barcode quality training programs on various skill levels:

Barcode 101 is an introduction to barcodes (1D and 2D) and an overview of why barcode quality is important. This is a great place to start for a new hire in a graphics design or printing company. This program establishes a sense of purpose and importance in a job that deals with barcodes.

Barcode 201 is a deeper look into the barcode quality specifications for 1D and/or 2D symbologies including Traditional and ANSI/ISO. Companies that deal with a broad spectrum of barcode types will find this relevant and valuable. Attendees will often have specific problems to discuss and may bring barcode samples to be verified and explained.

Barcode 301 deals with the two aspects of barcode quality: print quality and data integrity. Newer 1D and 2D symbologies provide much higher levels of data capacity which has made them a useful tool in product safety and supply chain security. But the data must be presented correctly. This is redefining barcode quality which historically dealt only with the quality of the printed barcode image. This program will be of interest to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries as well as their contract manufacturing partners who are utilizing barcodes for security purposes.

Barcode 401 is for companies with specific barcode quality needs and concerns: brand owners and contract manufacturers who need a deeper understanding of a single or limited set of barcode types and uses which support their business, their business partnerships and their supply chain. Often this includes a module about a specific Industry Application such as GS1 Healthcare, HIBCC, AIAG, MIL STD 130N, etc.

Our training programs are customized and conversational which makes them relevant, interesting and immediately applicable to attendees in their real jobs.  We don’t waste your valuable time teaching you what you already know or don’t need to know.

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