PV-1060 Portable Barcode Verifier

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The PV-1060 is a bundled package including a V6015 verifier and a PV-1000 Portable Display Unit (PDU).

On its own the V6015 is a pc-tethered verifier (USB) for smaller barcodes such as UPC and EAN, up to 72mm (2.8”) wide.

along with the PV-1000 it acquires all the features, functionality and freedom of portability—but with none of the annoying limitations.

The PV-1060 is a convertible pc-tethered or fully portable verifier all in one. It’s like two great verifiers that go everywhere and do everything—at a great price.

Get the PV-1060 Data Sheet here.

John helps companies resolve current barcode problems and avoid future barcode problems to stabilize and secure their supply chain and strengthen their trading partner relationships.

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